Homeopathy After Dental Extraction

A homeopathic remedy stimulates healing and one result of this healing is pain relief. Remedies after the extraction of a tooth are the perfect opportunity to capitalize on these benefits. The main remedy for trauma after a procedure is Arnica montana and the potency that is recommended is 200 but if you only have a 30, that will do fine. You can use the “X”, “C”, “CH”, or “K” potencies interchangeably for our purposes.

The remedy is taken as one pellet per dose (ignore the instructions on the vial/bottle). The first dose can be taken just before the procedure (there is no need to start hours before the appointment), but if forgotten then the more important time to start taking the remedy is as close as possible to the trauma itself. As soon as the tooth comes out, a pellet can be placed under the tongue while the dentist continues the procedure cleaning out the socket. The remedy should be taken every hour until the freezing is gone (which usually can be 2-4 hours), and then evaluate how you feel. It is normal to feel soreness in the area after the extraction. As long as the discomfort is tolerable there is no need to repeat the remedy, unless the discomfort returns indicating that the time has come for another dose of Arnica to be taken. If there is concern that the pain level is too strong then continue on the remedy every hour. If the pain level is not abating after repeating the remedy over another 3 hours, then another remedy may be indicated (what other possible remedies are indicated after extraction is beyond the scope of this article) and one should consult their local homeopath. Some individuals want to take painkillers (Advil, Motrin, Tylenol) at the same time, and this is fine. With the correct remedy, when the painkiller wears off the pain level stays low and there may not be a need to repeat the pharmaceutical. Regardless of how you feel, take a dose of the remedy before bed and on waking in order to keep the healing process moving forward. The remedy may be repeated the following day up to four times per day, if needed. Most people do not repeat the remedy the following day because they do not feel there is a need.

Homeopathy is so simple to use and without side effects. It is time more people took advantage of its benefits during their dental treatment.

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