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To Treat or Not To Treat

Most dental conditions start out as small problems that grow into larger issues that demand treatment. At what point should treatment be initiated? There is always the obvious cavity that requires filling or gum condition that requires attention. But what about the mouth condition that is border line, do you

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Homeopathy After Dental Extraction

A homeopathic remedy stimulates healing and one result of this healing is pain relief. Remedies after the extraction of a tooth are the perfect opportunity to capitalize on these benefits. The main remedy for trauma after a procedure is Arnica montana and the potency that is recommended is 200 but

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Modern day contemporary dentistry is full of controversies. Issues can always be viewed from more than one perspective. This does not refer to the diagnosis (although two dentists can differ on diagnosis); rather two dentists may have differing philosophies of practice. One’s outlook will direct treatment suggestions by the practitioner,

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