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Complementary Dentistry: A More Comprehensive Term

As appeared in the Journal of the Canadian Dental Association The 5-part series, Unconventional Dentistry, by Dr. Burton Goldstein 1-5 that began in the June 2000 issue of the JCDA is specious at best as his arguments are based on a flawed understanding of complementary modalities, their development and application.The term complementary

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Homeopathic Treatment of The Acute Dental Patient

Homeopathy has much to offer in the treatment of oral conditions as is illustrated with the various examples discussed below. Medicine has created a separate field for the treatment of the oral condi­tion (dentistry). Currently, medical education gives minimal training to its students on the art of oral diagno­sis and

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Oral Mines Uncovered

=============  “Oral Mines Uncovered”  – Adapted from an article regarding dental mercury in “Common Ground Magazine” – Winter 1995-96  BY DR. GARY FORTINSKY, D.D.S.  The use of amalgams in dental fillings is a controversy awaiting resolution. It is also a source of confusion to dental patients — even the dentist

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