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How are homeopathic remedies used in dentistry?

Homeopathic remedies are used to complement existing dental treatment. For instance, many patients do not like to take pain killers so remedies can be used in their place. There is a difference though in how they work. A pharmaceutical forces the body to do something, in this case stop the sensation of pain.


Homeopathic remedies on the other hand do not do anything on their own, rather they stimulate the body to heal itself. The body knows how to heal itself if given the information and the remedy acts as that information, therefore the correct remedy must be given to direct the body to do the necessary work. There are so many remedies available because there are so many varied combinations of symptoms. In homeopathy the symptoms are the language the body uses to tell us what ails it. The remedy then stimulates or directs the body to cure itself. The body can heal itself better than chemicals can conjured up in a pharmaceutical lab. When the correct remedy is given the level of pain drops and slowly disappears as the body heals itself. Remedies are used after extraction or for infection after a root canal procedure. It is up to the patient to decide which route they want to take. Some people even use both homeopathy and pharmaceuticals together for various reasons but what is often found is that once the remedy has dropped the discomfort level low enough then the pain killers are no longer required.

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