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Dental Services Available


New Patient Exams

We examine the patients thoroughly by evaluating the teeth, gum, bone and jaw joints on a first visit to assess current and potential problem. We are accepting new patients.


Homeopathic Remedies for Dental Problems

A process of using remedies to guide the body’s healing process by stimulating the natural healing capacities.


Amalgam Filling Removal (using protective protocol)

The removal of amalgam (mercury/silver) fillings and replacement with alternative materials using protective measures that reduce the chance of swallowing debris and inhaling mercury vapor and particulate (like sawdust).


Fillings – Composite Resin / White

BPA (Bisphenol A) - free white composite resin is used as our fillings to restore the tooth structure to its original function.


Herbal Gum Disease Treatment

Unlike dental surgery, herbal gum disease treatment is a gentler alternative to help reduce the progression of gum disease. It involved treatment at home and sometimes in the office to better control the plaque that is the cause of the gum disease. (see Microscope.. below)


Microscope Analysis of Plaque

Through a microscopic analysis of a sample of plaque, we can assess the type and amount of bacteria and parasite present and recommend alternative treatments for their reduction and elimination.


Referral for Compatibility Testing of Materials

Not every product is safe and effective for each patient. We are looking for materials that have a neutral effect on the body, that will fill the cavity and not have a detrimental effect on the health of the rest of the body.  All filling materials can be tested for suitable use in the patient and a referral to a tester will be made for anyone interested.


Root Canals

A dental procedure done when the pulp or nerve has become infected. The procedure cleans out the infection from a channel within the root and then seals the channel with a special root canal filling. Afterwards the hole in the tooth is sealed with a permanent filling.


Cleaning / Scaling

A procedure to remove accumulated plaque (soft build-up) and calculus (hard build-up) to reduce inflammation and help prevent gingivitis and gum disease.  As well, by removing the build-up it allows for improved home care thereby reducing the chance of future cavities.


Gum Irrigation

A method used in individuals with gum disease to better disinfect the pockets around the teeth thereby reducing inflammation, bleeding and the possibility of gum disease progression.


Digital X-Rays

Panoramic digital xrays to evaluate wisdom teeth and other anomalies. Selective use of dental radiographs (x-rays) to help identify problems with your teeth and gums.  For instance, to identify cavities, periodontal disease and bone loss which can be missed by a visual inspection.



The removal of a tooth, due to tooth decay, gum disease or for the removal of problematic wisdom teeth.


Mouth Guard – Splints

Made to protect the teeth from night time grinding and/or clenching and daytime clenching. (also see jaw pain)


Jaw Pain – TMJ or TMD

Chronic headache, neck ache, jaw stiffness often is caused by improper jaw relationship. Treatment helps relieve individuals of their discomfort.



Where there is insufficient tooth structure, the restoration of the tooth can be done by using a crown or a cap to completely cover the tooth, thereby supporting or protecting the remaining weakened tooth.



Where a tooth is missing, a bridge can be used to permanently join the adjacent teeth.


Partial Plates & Dentures

A prosthetic device that is constructed to replace missing teeth (one or many). It is removable which means that it can come in and out of the mouth if desired.


Space Maintainers for Children

Where your child loses a primary tooth before the permanent tooth is ready to come in, we use a space maintainer to keep the space open until the permanent tooth erupts in to the mouth.  This helps reduce the shifting of the permanent teeth which will result in orthodontic or crowding problems.



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