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Are there alternatives for treating gum disease?

The gums are home to approximately 450 species of organisms of which the large majority are friendly and we want to inhabit our mouths. There are a number, though, that are found when gum disease is present and when they are eliminated, the signs and symptoms of gum disease disappear. One method to diagnose the presence of the “bad bugs” in our mouth is to use a microscope and look for their presence. A sample of plaque is taken and both the dentist and patient can look at what is growing in the plaque. The parasitic type of plaque is easily distinguished on the microscope.


All approaches to gum disease stress the importance of properly cleaning the teeth each day but that can be taken a step further by addressing the specific bugs/organisms present in the plaque that cause gum disease. There are herbal preparations that kill the bad plaque and can be easily placed under the gums using a waterpik unit that produces a pulsed spray and squirts the liquid to where the plaque accumulates the parasitic plaque dies almost on contact leaving the healthy plaque alone. The treatment is lifelong because we can always acquire back the parasites.

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