General Family Practice With a Holistic Approach To Dental Care...

General Family Practice with a Holistic
Approach to Dental Treatment and Oral Care
Amalgam Free Practice

I have found that many patients come to my office with conflicting views regarding the possible effects on their health of such dental procedures as fillings, root canals, removal of wisdom teeth, straightening of teeth, jaw pain and more.

All of these topics have within them controversies based on various philosophies. I always try to inform my patients and answer any questions about the various approaches to treatment so that they can make the right decision in their best interests.

One area which has many people concerned is the amalgam controversy. Amalgams are the grey fillings in the back teeth that contain 50% mercury. Because there are alternative practitioners who provide services that can determine whether these fillings are affecting one's health, I feel that it is my obligation to inform my patients about these services and allow them to decide which route they want to take. Also, these practitioners can test the various materials used for compatibility.

Please do not hesitate to call for more information or to make an appointment.

Dr. Gary Fortinsky, D.D.S.

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